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The Civil Procedure Rules dealing with costs management and costs budgeting are entirely silent on the interplay with Damages-Based Agreements (DBAs).

I simply have no idea how a solicitor acting under a DBA is meant to prepare a costs budget.

There are at least three options, the apportionment one and the ordinary one, and the fixed fee one.

Let us take a case worth £100,000 with a DBA with a figure of 50% of damages recovered as the fee, that being the maximum allowed in a non-personal injury or non employment matter.

Thus the maximum fee is £50,000.  For simplicity’s sake let us assume ten relevant sections of Form H and where the solicitor estimates the costs of £10,000 for each stage, but knowing that, due to the indemnity principle, no more than £50,000 can ever be recovered.

One approach – the apportionment one – is for the solicitor to…

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October 15, 2013 at 3:20 pm

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