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As 2016 comes to an end – here is my post from 30 December 2015 with my predictions for 2016.
Not far off!

Kerry Underwood

Fred, who once stepped in at short notice to take the minutes at the Rutland West Junior Lawyers’ Division Social Events subcommittee, will be the Law Society Gazette’s Legal Personality of the year.
Approximately 638 lawyer wannabees who could not be bothered passing the exams will announce new systems of delivering law.
Each will be a game changer.
Each will be reported in banner headlines by the Law Society’s Gazette.
Each will be run by people who have failed and failed again running legal services providers.
Each will fail.
10 000 firms of solicitors will carry on serving their communities and that service will hardly get a column inch in the legal press.
Claimant personal injury lawyers will huff and puff about the small claims limit rise and everything else but in fact will quietly readjust, refocus their businesses and carry on successfully.
Personal injury defence firms will be in very…

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December 6, 2016 at 6:23 am

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