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Given the Supreme Court decision this morning unanimously to allow the appeal against the Administrative Court’s refusal to judicially review Employment Tribunal fees, this post I wrote at the time needs another airing.


Any solicitor’s office in the country (except the Strand).


So, Ms Peasant you have been sacked because you are pregnant and you have come in for a free interview.  Typical of your sort if I may say so.


It’s so unfair.  I want to bring a claim.  You do no win no fee don’t you?


WE do. The State doesn’t.  Tribunal fees are £1,200.00 win or lose.


I haven’t got that sort of money!  I am unemployed.  I’ve been sacked.


Come, come now.  I am an employment lawyer.  I know the minimum wage is £6.50 an hour.  Easy to remember; it is one hundredth of what I charge – 200 hours work and you have the fee, unless we need to appeal.  Cut out the foreign holidays. Sack the nanny – she won’t be able to afford the fee to sue you.  My little joke!


My Mum looks after the children.  We only just got by when I was working.


There I can help you.  You need to prioritise your spending.  The High Court has said so.  Eat your existing children – Swift said that and he was a clever man, but you peasants don’t read you just watch Sky.


We don’t have Sky.  Murdoch is nearly as right wing as the High Court.


Go down the library and read Swift.


They’ve closed the library.


Have an abortion.  Save you money and I might be able to get your job back.


I don’t want an abortion.  Anyway they’ve closed the clinic.


Find a rich man.


I am married.  My husband was sacked for complaining about my treatment at work.


Oh then he has a claim as well then.  Another £1,200.00 mind.


I’ve had enough!


I advise on the law; I don’t make it.  I want to read to you what the High Court said:

“The question many potential claimants have to ask themselves is how to prioritise their spending; what priority should they give to paying fees in a possible legal claim as against many competing and pressing demands on their finances?”

It goes on a bit but basically do you want to bring a claim or eat and feed and clothe your children?


But no-one should have to make that choice in Britain in 2014.


That’s where you are wrong.  The court said:

“The question is not whether it is difficult for someone to be able to pay – there must be many claimants in that position – it is whether it is virtually impossible and excessively difficult for them to do so”.


That’s wicked.


That’s the High Court. Lord Justice Elias is paid £198,674.00 and Mr Justice Foskett £174,481.00 so they know all about having to count the pennies.


Surely Labour will change all this.




I think I will vote for the Fascists then.


They tried that in Germany.    Didn’t do them much good. Nice rallies mind.

Client leaves.  Solicitor hums the Horst Wessel.  There is a muffled explosion.  The local court is in ruins.


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July 26, 2017 at 10:31 am

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  1. Reblogged this on | truthaholics and commented:
    “There are rules and reasons for the rules” as D. Kennedy said, “Legal reasoning refers to interpretative fidelity of judges who are bound by the legal formulation of the right; the duty to be faithful to it in their interpretation and application; this duty is counterbalanced so to speak by legislative duty, which is appealing to the political values of the community.” ~ A Critique of Adjudication, [1997]


    July 26, 2017 at 10:51 am

  2. Too bloody right


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    July 26, 2017 at 7:00 pm

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