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This is now in force, this can be accessed here.

Practice Direction 47: Detailed Assessment

The revised Practice Direction 47 allows bills of costs to be filed in the new electronic spreadsheet format from 1 October 2017.

Use of the new form is compulsory for bills relating to costs recoverable for work done after 6 April 2018 and applies to all Part 7 Multi-Track claims unless:

– it is a fixed costs case; or

– the receiving party is a litigant in person; or

– the court orders otherwise; or

all work was undertaken before 6 April 2018.

Where work is done both before and after 6 April 2018, a party may use an electronic bill for all work, or a paper bill for pre-6 April 2018 work and an electronic bill for work on or after 6 April 2018.

Thus, any work from 6 April 2018 onwards must be on an electronic bill.

By new  Paragraph 5.1A, whenever electronic bills are served or filed at court, they must also be served or filed in hardcopy, in a manageable paper format as shown in the PDF version of Precedent S.

At the same time, a copy of the full electronic spreadsheet version of the bill must be provided to the paying party and filed at the court by email, or other electronic means.

A model electronic bill is annexed to the Practice Direction.

Practice Direction 7

These amendments largely deal with the name changes brought about by the introduction of the Business and Property Courts.

Other Practice Directions are updated to reflect these name changes, for example Practice Direction 4 – Forms.

Practice Direction re: Business and Property Courts

The update contains the full text of the lengthy new Practice Direction relating to Business and Property Courts.

It deals with all procedural issues, including issuing proceedings, transfer of claims and what is specialist work.

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