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In December 2018 the Legal Ombudsman admitted that complaints about lawyers were taking six months even to be looked at.

In the previous year it missed its time targets every single month.

In its 2017/2018 Annual Report the Legal Ombudsman reported that it resolved just 9% of cases within 90 days, against its own – hardly demanding – target of 60%.

63% of cases were resolved within six months, against the target of 90%.

7% of cases were not resolved within a year.

The irony of a body that fines solicitors for performing vastly better than it does itself is beyond parody.

I have always strongly opposed the concept of Ombudsmen as they undermine the rule of law as people think it is part of the judicial system.

The Legal Ombudsman should be scrapped forthwith and £12.3 million that it costs each year should be spent on patching up the courts, which are literally falling apart – I mean the buildings and not the system – although that is as well.

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June 20, 2019 at 7:53 am

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