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Cable v Liverpool Victoria Insurance Company Limited, Liverpool County Court – Case number D34BI037

the Circuit Judge, hearing an appeal from a District Judge, upheld the District Judge’s decision to refuse to lift a stay on Part 8 proceedings, and the consequent striking out of the claim, in a case placed on the portal and “parked” there.

Here, the claimant issued Part 8 proceedings in a case which the claimant himself maintained at a value of £2.6 million as compared with the portal limit at £25,000.

The judge said that this was a case that “never, ever at the time they issued the claim form could it be said would have a value of £25,000 or less. That to me is an abuse of process and the abuse comes from using the procedure that is available to portal claims in a case that could not be said, on any stretch of the imagination, to be a portal claim….”.

Here, the claimant was injured in a road traffic accident in September 2014 and the solicitors placed the matter on the portal, and initially the claim was said to be low value but a medical report indicated that the claimant was still absent from work.

The defendant sought further information but got little response and the claimant engaged in what the District Judge called “radio silence”.

In July 2017 the claimant’s solicitors issued a Part 8 Claim Form and a stay was granted until August 2018, with the court ordering that a copy of the order be sent to the defendant by August 2017, although it was not in fact sent until February 2018.

In August 2018 the claimant’s solicitors told the defendant that the case was substantial with the claimant losing £130,000 a year through being unable to work.

The claimant applied to lift the stay and for the matter to proceed on a Part 7 basis and that application was granted without notice to the defendant, who then applied, and succeeded, in having that order set aside.

The District Judge refused to allow the matter to proceed by way of Part 7, and struck the claim out, and that decision was upheld by the Circuit Judge.

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