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In February and March 2019 YouGov surveyed the legal need of individuals in England and Wales and interviewed 28,633 people who had experienced a legal issue in the previous four years, and that is the biggest ever such survey.

The summary report is here and the full report is here.

90% of people who had used a solicitor were satisfied with the service they received, rising to 94% for those given price information at the outset.

84% thought the solicitor provided value for money.

66% of those who received professional help felt that they had a fair outcome compared with 53% for those who did not.

76% of those receiving professional help thought the outcome was better or as good as they had hoped.

Unregulated providers received the worst ratings, with high levels of dissatisfaction with will-writers and McKenzie Friends; McKenzie Friends are unqualified people who are allowed by the court to assist litigants.

The original idea was that they were literally friends of the litigants and provided free help, but now it has become a major unregulated business.

53% of the legal issues were contentious.


The most common issues were:


Professional or defective goods/service              26%

Anti-social behaviour by neighbours                  14%

Employment                                                       11%

Wills                                                                   11%

Buying or selling property                                  11%


Solicitors are most likely to be the main advisers, advising in 30% of cases, rising to 40% for contentions matters.

Age is the key determining factor in seeking professional, as compared with informal or unregulated, advice.


The figures for those reporting that a solicitor was their main adviser are:


Aged 65 or over                                                 40%

50 to 64                                                            33%

30 to 49                                                            26%

18 to 29                                                            18%


79% of those who seek a solicitor do not shop around.

Of those who decided to get professional help, just 18% looked for or obtained information on prices or services.


Reasons for given for not shopping around were:


Happy with the first service they found              33%

Trusted a recommendation                                28%

Found the matter fairly simple                           22%

Found it easy to search for services                   93%

Found it easy to obtain details of services          89%

Found it easy to search for reviews                    89%

Found it was easy to find prices                         84%


This was before the new rules on price transparency came into effect.


Set out below is the percentage of people obtaining help, or not, by legal issue:






48% of the people did not understand what a regulated service is.

Proportion of people who describe their contentious legal issue as each of the following:




53% of those with the contentious legal issues suffered stress

33% of those with the contentious legal issues offered financial loss

18% of those with a contentious legal issue suffered ill health or injury

Proportion of people who report each of the following experiences as part of or as the result of their contentious legal issue:




Proportion of people with a contentious legal issue who desired each of the following outcomes:




Desired outcome varies significantly based on the type of legal issue experienced, as might be expected. Those with a contentious family-related issue are much more likely than the others to be seeking a change in the nature of a relationship, while those with an issue related to employment/finance/welfare/benefits or the rights of individuals are more often than others wanting to change a decision.

Many groups, however, are seeking money or property as an outcome, as well as for somebody to recognise their rights or meet responsibilities.


Table by Subject of The Percentages Of Those Obtaining Legal Help




Table of Sources of Help




Use of Different Types of Advisers by Type of Legal Issue




How and Whether People Searched for Prices, Reviews etc, By Work Type




Reasons for Not Shopping Around




31% of those using an unregulated provider assumed that the adviser was in fact regulated.

Delivery of Services




How are Services Delivered

How services delivered – by work type




Satisfaction by Work Type




Satisfaction in Relation to Different Ways of Delivering the Service




It will be noted the satisfaction levels are very similar whether the services delivered.

Satisfaction by Type of Adviser




Reasons for Dissatisfaction




How People Paid for Service




How the Matter Was Funded for the People Who Did Not Pay All of the Costs Personally




Contentious Work Percentage of Those Thinking That Professional Help Led to A Better Outcome



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